A positive waste management plan help reduce waste by 89%

What we did:

We worked with this client to produce a waste management plan that provided solutions to reduce their waste and increase their recycling (post-manufacturing materials that were previously going to landfill). Having implemented the plan they have now reached their set target of 89% general waste reduction with most waste being diverted to recycle thus generating revenue rather than waste to energy which generates costs.

What they said:

“KAB Seating undertook an environmental project that resulted in replacing our then waste management contractor with Footprint Recycling. Whilst, admittedly, the initial drive towards Footprint was based on economics, it soon became apparent that as a company KAB Seating would benefit from much more. With the involvement and support of Footprint, KAB Seating has implemented a number of waste management initiatives that have not only positively affected our bottom line but have helped increase awareness of our environmental impacts and obligations within our workforce. By sharing customer best practice Footprint aided the introduction of segregated waste through a multi-bin system so reducing waste to landfill.

Footprint is now viewed as much more than a “run of the mill” contractor, but moreover, a partner to KAB Seating who is pleased to be associated with them and their ethos regarding the management of waste and all things environmental.”

Operations Director, KAB Seating