Waste Management

Consultation and Strategy

Our entire focus is on creating permanent, sustainable waste solutions for your business. If you need more than a skip or a wheelie bin service we offer a total waste management service that manages all areas of your company’s waste resources.

We conduct a full site audit, ensuring we fully know how your business works and meet with you and your team to understand what you want to achieve. Whether its to increase process efficiency, recycle more, reduce costs or improve your environmental performance, we will develop a waste strategy to create a permanent, sustainable solution for your organisation.

We design a bespoke plan complete with targets and a timeline, and we work with you to achieve them. Once in place, we continuously evaluate the plan to ensure you consistently achieve best practice.

We also help our customers to achieve ISO and environmental accreditations. In addition, we formulate plans and work with them to win awards and new business based on their sustainability and green credentials.

Customer Service

Our dedicated customer service team ensures you experience a quick, effective turnaround to your business needs, collection bookings and day-to-day queries. We pride ourselves on our practical approach to servicing your waste requirements and aim to position ourselves as an extension to your business operation.

Our focus is to provide:

  • Quick response times.
  • Proactive escalation procedures for quick resolution.
  • Call-logging and reporting for your operational efficiency.
  • The ability to provide sensible and practical solutions when challenges come your way.

KPI Reporting and Data Analysis

Once your waste management plan is in place, we provide detailed reporting and analysis to help customers understand how their waste is performing at any given time. For example, we track tonnages, waste streams, costs and revenues, and % recyclability versus waste to energy to help businesses drive targets and costs savings while keeping an eye on process efficiency.

Status Meeting and Annual Review Meetings

To ensure your project is on track, we offer regular status meetings to reset goals, address issues, and plan future waste strategies. Compliance We provide all documentation and licensing so your business is 100% environmentally compliant.

Key Benefits of our Total Waste Management

  • Total environmental compliance
  • Cost reduction increased revenue • Performance focused service delivery
  • Permanent, sustainable waste solutions
  • Increased supply chain performance
  • Increased recyclability, general waste reduction
  • One partner managing your waste management
  • Dedicated key account manager
  • Training on waste segregation
  • Waste system monitoring & reporting