Our business is built on a foundation of helping our customers embrace the circular economy and improve their sustainability with a focus on achieving zero waste to landfill through recycling and reducing emissions.  Our aim is to challenge the industry norms, and develop new ways to reduce, reuse and recycle while considering how we impact our environment and how the world impacts our business.

We work to support our customers to manage the risks and opportunities of ESG, creating long-term value creation and growth.


Social compliance activities, attributes, and disclosures: human rights, labor standards, workplace health and safety, employee diversity and inclusion, and other social and community impacts.


Environmental activities, attributes, and disclosures, including greenhouse gas emissions, waste management, carbon accounting and other environmental impacts. This ESG category essentially encompasses our definition of corporate sustainability — balancing the environment, equity, and economy across products, packaging, facilities, energy usage, people, and waste in a way that doesn’t contribute to global warming, climate change, and biodiversity loss — through an investment and corporate decision-making lens.


Governance activities, attributes, and disclosures: corporate ownership structure, leadership and board diversity, decision-making processes, corporate policies, risk management, and other aspects that balance the rights, responsibilities, and identity of various shareholders and stakeholders in the company.

Accreditations and compliance

Footprint are fully licensed with the Environment Agency, accredited with ISO 14001 and offer Certificates of Destruction on completion of every service.

ISO 14001

Waste Carriers Licence

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