Global supplier, Darley Limited and Footprint Recycling

What we did

Producing 150+ tonnes a month of paper waste we have managed the total waste system for this leading label printer for the past 4 1/2 years. With the majority of their waste being a very ‘difficult to recycle’ paper, despite facing many challenges we have successfully found a recyclable solution (not waste to energy) that has kept costs low and has ensured the customer achieves an average 99% recyclability with the remaining 1% other waste going as waste-to-energy.

What they said

“Darley Limited is at the forefront of the global supply of Wet Glue Labels to the brewing, foods, waters and soft drinks markets.  In our business, we rely on dependable service from suppliers like Footprint to help us keep our business on schedule and satisfy our customer’s requirements.

During my time working with Footprint you have provided my business with excellent support in the areas of waste management and recycling.  As you know, our waste printed materials provide a unique challenge when it comes to disposal.  Environmentally and securely, you have been proactive in sourcing outlets that have enabled us to meet regulatory compliances.  Your work has been a major factor in our ability to achieve substantial increases in recyclability. The regular review meetings, monthly KPI reports, full traceability and compliance updates are invaluable tools, which allow us to monitor specific areas that need improvements.

Your market knowledge is paramount to the success of our relationship. We have always been able to rely on your flexibility and courteous service.  You consistently render invaluable assistance and make extra efforts to assist us in completing our projects on time.  Your support work does not go unnoticed. You always seem to make something positive out of negative events.

We sincerely appreciate your responsiveness and the way you conduct business. For five years, you have faithfully delivered top quality, dependable service to our door.  It is a pleasure to work with people who know the meaning of efficiency at a very reasonable cost.  I would confidently recommend Footprint as a solid and reliable supplier and experts in their field.”

Managing Director, Darley Limited