Dec 2021

Scope of Project:

Clipper Burton Upon Trent tasked Footprint with delivering a plan to recycle as much waste as possible on site and to provide a plan to help them become more sustainable. They were recycling a few items already but there was no order and a lot was finding its way into general waste with a good portion going into ROROs.  Footprint implemented a full segregation project that resulted in 97% of all waste being recycled with the remainder going as waste-to-energy.  We now operate in 7 Clipper sites.  At the start of the Covid pandemic, we were also awarded the work to scale up, provide waste services and implement systems at 5 new distribution sites at record speed when Clipper was awarded the NHS supply chain work.

What made you want to change suppliers?

We wanted to look beyond what was on offer from our contracted waste management provider. We also wanted to gain insight into the waste business and benefit from a wider outlet to market for our waste.  We found that which was on offer from a fixed provider was limiting, and therefore our view of what was possible was limited

Why did you choose Footprint Recycling?

We were impressed with both the technical knowledge and the people at Footprint. They listened to what we had to say and built a provision solution around that and our waste streams.

What is your experience with working with Footprint?

A very positive one. Our understanding of what is good or bad has been developed through working with Footprint. In addition, our understanding of what is possible has also been enhanced.

What happened once you got on board?

We quickly benefitted from a reduction in fixed costs, and an increase in our waste management process and therefore our routes to market.

How easily did your team adapt to the changes put in place?

Change is never easy, but once behaviours and disciplines were embedded our teams quickly began to appreciate the need for change and the benefits that brings.

How have you benefited from our services?

Financial benefits aside, I think the greatest benefit is that we as the waste producer have someone on our side. Footprint have helped us maximise our potential in getting our waste to market whilst at the same time maximising our rebates. They helped us to recycle many items we hadn’t been able to find outlets for before.  From a personal point of view I have a strong business relationship with Footprint, which means I have SME’s at the end of the phone.

How would you measure the value of our services offered?

In summary, subject matter knowledge & expertise, communication, delivery of service and the end results have been very positive for us, based on services to several sites where I have worked with Footprint in rough terms they are a 10.

Paul Johnson – Team Clipper


January 22

Scope of Project:
This national printer was hardly doing any segregation of the revenue generating material and were spending a 6 figure sum on general waste each year. Footprint implemented a full segregation project and were tasked with getting each site on board. This was achieved by on-going training so the customer could reduce general waste and increase recycling across 5 sites.

What made you want to change suppliers?
We wanted a business partner who would work with us to change the culture and help deliver our environmental strategy, and also enable new revenue streams to the business. The old large provider had lost interest in us.

Why did you choose Footprint Recycling?
We like to work with other like-minded companies. We were impressed with the business journey, philosophy, and offering of Footprint.

What is your experience with working with Footprint?
Excellent business partnership through start up. As a senior stakeholder they were prepared to understand our business, make suggestions and deliver joint results.

What happened when you go on board?
Footprint provided a clear plan of execution, defined responsibilities, and a time plan which has been followed through and delivered on time. How easily did your team adapt to the changes put in place? Cultural change is never easy, a mix of education, persistence and, where necessary, tough conversations happened before, during and after the implementation. Board level buy-in and visibility was necessary for us, it could not be delegated. 3 to 6 month adaptation of the workforce was envisaged.

How have you benefited from our services?
We have increased our recycle rates from 50% to over 80% from phase 1, phase 2 should give us above 90%. This aligns with our environmental strategy and the revenue streams help reinvestment in the business.

How would you measure the value of our services offered?
Environmental commitment aligns with our own blue chip customer base and new business tenders, it helps promote our business sector, it is a positive thing for our employees to be part of, and it delivers tangible savings to the P&L.

Craig Stephenson – FD

Clipper Logistics plc

Customer Reference

To Whom It May Concern

Footprint Recycling has provided waste management services and sustainability consultation to Clipper for a number of years.  

A few years ago I engaged their services for our Enfield and Harlow sites to help provide us with a waste strategy and total waste management solution as we weren’t recycling as much as we wanted to and were spending too much time on waste processing. 

Footprint fully audited the site and produced a framework that allowed us to recycle almost all waste.   They showed us how we could reduce waste processing time and make the site more efficient.  They organise all our collections, source new recycling avenues, provide solutions on how to keep progressing and measuring our sustainability and ensure we have all necessary paperwork.  The net result is we are now fully waste compliant which feeds up into our wider ESG company goals.   Footprint has also shown us how to turn most of our waste into revenue and track our progress on-going. 

I have no hesitation in recommending Footprint.

Darren Jethoo
Operations Manager/Site Manager
Clipper Logistics plc

Kolorcraft Group

During Q4 of 2021 Footprint Recycling was engaged to review our waste management and recycling process, as we were having little support and traction of change management from our current provider. Clare at Footprint undertook an end-to-end review, and presented several options to reduce costs and increase recycling rates. We trialled several options, and Footprint was key to the integration, communication, training and change management process as we worked together to find the right operational fit for our business. The first six months were challenging as we had inherent internal cultural barriers to overcome, operational challenges, process challenges and space issues, but we worked together at ground level and at management level to overcome these.

Jointly, by the end of 2022, we have achieved the key objectives of cultural change, reduced costs and have increased our waste recycling with very little now going to waste to energy as we continue to hit the >97% recycling rate month-on-month.

Added to this, Footprint also added value through their network of contacts to give us the right support to achieve Scope 1&2 carbon neutrality by Q2 2022, as we continue our own sustainability agenda to align with our CSR commitments.

We look forward to continuing the journey with Footprint and the team in to 2023.

Craig Stephenson
Finance Director
Kolorcraft Group


Camira Fabrics

AW Hainsworth