Setting up a full recycling system for textile company

What we did:

AW Hainsworth took the decision to implement further and in more detail waste recycling into their business. After discussions with various waste management companies, Footprint Recycling was chosen to guide them through this process.

What they said:

“Footprint Recycling have been paramount in assisting and supporting us with the setting up of our full recycling system on site.

Their knowledge and leadership have been outstanding in everything we have achieved, and we are proud to say we have seen a significant increase in recycling within our company, therefore reducing landfill.

Our staff are now more aware of recycling as a whole and some have even implemented a stricter regime at home.

Working closely with Footprint has had a desired effect in streamlining our waste and making us more cost effective as a business. What was once deemed as a thankless task’ is now achievable and easy to manage with their help.

We would not hesitate to recommend Footprint Recycling, their staff are helpful, and our weekly and monthly disposals run so smoothly, we often don’t realise it’s happened.”

Health and Safety and Environmental Manager, AW Hainsworth