Kolorcraft achieving their sustainability results with Footprint


Kolorcraft manages in-store marketing and has been helping brands grow for over 40 years. They manage the complete POS process, from creative, production, fulfillment, and installation.


We were engaged to review Kolorcrafts waste management and recycling process, as the business needed more support and traction in change management and its waste journey.

How did Footprint help?

Footprint (Clare) undertook an end-to-end review and presented several options to reduce costs and increase recycling rates.

Kolorcraft trialed several options, with Clare being key to the integration, communication, training, and change management process as we worked with our clients to find the right operational fit for their business.

We helped them change some of their inherited processes whilst introducing a waste segregation plan.


By the end of 2022, Kolorcraft achieved the key objectives of cultural change, reduced costs, and increased waste recycling with very little going to landfill, as Kolorcraft continues to hit the >97% recycling rate month-on-month.

“Clare added value through her network of contacts to give us the right support to achieve Scope 1&2 carbon neutrality by Q2 2022, as we continue our sustainability agenda to align with our CSR commitments. We look forward to continuing the journey with Clare and her team at Footprint into 2023.”

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