A strategy that focuses on effective solutions

British Pepper and Spice is a prominent private-label manufacturer of herbs and spices in the UK, supplying to top-rated restaurants, supermarkets, and homes throughout Europe. They started as a small spice importer and have grown into a significant player in the flavours industry.


The company operates from multiple specialised production sites across the UK, allowing them to pack various formats, from small glass jars to large one-tonne bulk containers for premium food manufacturers across Europe.

In addition to their focus on producing high-quality products, British Pepper and Spice is committed to minimising their environmental impact. To achieve this, they partnered with Footprint Recycling and conducted a personalised audit to identify areas of improvement in their operation, including processes, equipment, and education.

Working towards sustainability

Going beyond waste management, we looked at the entire operation to develop a comprehensive plan to improve efficiency, reduce waste, and increase recycling.

As part of their overall sustainability plan, we identified that a large percentage of waste produced on-site was recyclable. For phase one of the project, we directed most of it to locally sourced recyclers and processors and installed equipment to reduce the collection frequencies, reducing the customer’s carbon footprint and providing additional revenue.

We suggested new ways to manage waste around the site to reduce how often a waste stream is handled, thus reducing associated time and cost. To measure the progress of the system, key reporting was introduced.


By implementing a new waste strategy and re-educating staff members on the importance of waste sustainability, we’ve increased their recycling and reduced general waste by over 30% of their intended target in a very short period and are operating at 0% to landfill.

Today, British Pepper and Spice sends zero waste to landfill and are becoming environmentally efficient, thanks to their efforts to reduce waste and increase recycling and together we’re continuing our journey to sustainability.